Johanne Jean

ESL Director

Johanne Jean was born in Haiti, Les Cayes. Arriving to the United States, she attended high school in New York City and learned English as her third language. While in college, because of her curiosity and love for cultures, she traveled throughout Mainland China, Hong Kong, France, and Tunisia as part of summer exchange programs. Upon completing her BA at Kennesaw State University, she moved to Mexico City with the purpose of completing her MA degree and the hope of gaining a better grasp of Latin cultures.

While living in Mexico as an expat, Ms. Jean completed her MA degree, learned Spanish, and spent two years as a professor for the English and International Affairs departments at the prestigious Universidad Anahuac Del Sur in Mexico City. In 2011, she moved to California where she accepted a post at the Fallbrook School District working with the special education population. In 2013, Ms. Jean joined Chattahoochee Technical College as a professor for the Intensive English Program. She has been teaching since 2008 and has designed ESL programs for various organizations. She holds two globally recognized ESL teaching certificates and offers ESL solutions to clients as a consultant.

In December 2015, Johanne became the ESL Director at LaAmistad. She oversees the academic and administrative logistics for all LaAmistad ESL locations. She works collaboratively with volunteers, partners, and ESL staff to achieve success for the students involved with the program. She enjoys the tasks and challenges of successfully spearheading the program. Ms. Jean feels honored and privileged for the opportunity to do meaningful work that serves and impacts the community.

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