Lisa Limoncelli

Hawthorne Elementary

Ms. Lisa Limoncelli is a 26 year veteran in the field of education.  All of her experience has been within the DeKalb County School District where she currently serves as the principal of Hawthorne Elementary School. 

Ms. Limoncelli completed her undergraduate work at Radford University, where she graduated with a dual degree in early education and mental disabilities.  After moving to Georgia, she pursued her Master’s Degree and Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from the State University of West Georgia.

Raised in upstate New York, Ms. Limoncelli comes from a long line of educators and she credits her parents for her passion for education because success in school was greatly valued and supported.

Ms. Limoncelli believes that a school and community’s success is not only based on the academic achievements of its students, but also their students’ ability to show empathy, tolerance and kindness. 

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