Marlene Oddo

Point4 Capital, LLC.

Marlene Oddo is a private investor based in Atlanta, GA.  She is a principal at Point4 Capital, LLC a private investment management firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. 


A graduate of The State University of New York, Marlene has spent the past 30 years raising a family as well as building and owning three successful businesses.  She is the former CEO of Noelle International, Inc. (retail e-commerce) and Marvin Associates, Inc. (financial-service) and has also managed a portfolio of family-owned rental real estate.  In addition, she is also a former substitute teacher at the Solidarity School in Atlanta, an independent Catholic preschool which focuses on teaching English to non-English speaking children.     


Marlene’s passion for the LaAmistad program started more than 10 years ago as she began volunteering her time to teach 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students at Peachtree Presbyterian Church.  Born to immigrant Puerto Rican parents in New York City, she entered school without being able to speak English.  Therefore, she is able to appreciate the challenges encountered by many of the children in the program and also the unique opportunities that LaAmistad affords them and their families.

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